Our Family.

My Husband and his late Grandfather on the farm in 1983.

Hello, my name is Christy, and welcome to Fat Cow Creams.

We are a family-owned company making creams from beef tallow, made to be put anywhere and everywhere on your body. Our tallow is not just any tallow, it is from cows raised on our farm. Boggs Cattle Farm,  owned and managed by my husband, sells all-natural beef located in Pelzer SC.

The farm was originally started by his late grandfather in 1969 and the farm is still located on the original property today. My husband took over the farm 16 years ago and decided to start Boggs Cattle Farm last year, wanting to offer people options for all-natural beef; this is when we learned about tallow. After some research and learning about all the benefits it has to offer, here we are!!

I am a full-time wife, nurse, and mother of two rambunctious boys. There are so many people that suffer from various skin issues, including my oldest son. I wanted to have a product that I can put on my children and not worry about what was in it or the long-term affects it may have. I wanted to create a product that not only nourishes but REALLY helps improve your skin.